Give a Makeover to your living Room


Your living room is a reflection of your personality. And most of the times, we forego working on this zone of our house in terms of decor. We place anything and everything in this area without considering how the whole persona of this area would turn out to be.

Let’s take a constructive step and reshape the decor of our living room by interesting ideas that use the old, and mix it up with the new in a defined manner.

Let’s see how:

  • Tabula Rasa looks

Tabula Rasa literally translates to ‘blank slate’. And the most suitable representation of a blank slate is the colour ‘white’. Accentuate the definitive look of your living room by painting it in a milk white or ivory white colour.

In European architecture, white is the prime colour. And if you are inspired by ultra prime aesthetics of French decor, transform your living space with a definitive white-hued makeover.

Tabula Rasa Looks

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  • Maximising Embellishments

    Adding a twist to your home decor is a great idea. An alternative idea to bold and spacious furniture items is to replace them with bold, spacious and gracious embellishments.

    You can buy embellishments like the life size designer wall mirrors, grand old rustic lampshades, or a larger than life chandelier. Other than that you can even buy wall book shelves design, which is a utility-friendly and statement addition.

    Wall Book Shelves Design
    Designer Wall Mirrors


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  • Furniture that is inspired by nature

Talking about embellishments and furnishings, even furniture items are important. But it isn’t very easy to replace your home furniture.

A smart hack you can apply to your home furniture is varnishing it in natural wooden hues. This way you can add a bold new look to your wooden tables, dining table sets, and sofa sets in hues like natural, golden oak, English chestnut, and so on.

Furniture Inspired By Nature

08/08/2017                                                                                                         Rainforest Italy



  • One Colossus Carpet

An easy little step for an effective makeover to your house is an addition of one colossus carpet.

You must invest in bold hues like maroon or walnut depending on the shade of furniture and furnishings in the living room.

Home Decor

08/08/2017                                                                                                         Rainforest Italy


  • Bring in Grandeur through a Dewan

And if your idea of makeover also means adding an indigenous touch then this idea is just the right thing for you. Bring the age old tradition of placing a dewan in your living room and invite grandiosity of indigenous home decor.


Dewaan For Living Room

Choose from these 5 exclusive ideas to give a smooth makeover to your living room.

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Declutter your living space with these 5 easy tricks


Rainforest Italy


Declutter your living space with these 5 easy tricks

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If laziness stops you from decluttering your house and giving it a new shape we suggest you use a little creativity. Creative ideas can help you transform that boring, idle room into a vibrant, resonating space.

Here is how you can do that with 5 easy tricks:

Adopt Minimalism

The first step towards decluttering your household demands you to have a minimalistic attitude, which means you need to organize your stuff in a way that you only keep utilities around. Firstly you need to take out all the extra items in your living area, then arrange them into three categories, depending on your priorities i.e. very important, important and less important. Keep the very important stuff over the surface, the important ones can be relocated while the less important ones can be thrown away.


Rainforest Italy                                                                                                                   02/08/2017


Invest in Smart furniture

One rarely invests in home furniture which is useful and practical and instead stuffs the bedrooms and living rooms with unnecessary furniture items.
Thus, investing in smart furniture is a priority. You can do that by buying multi-purpose modern coffee tables.
Herein, you can keep open lid baskets beneath the tabletop and place see-through jars with vibrant envelopes or assorted candies over its top. Indulge in furniture with voguish looks and smart designs.


Rainforest Italy                                                                                                                   02/08/2017


Declutter with mounted goods

Putting paintings on the walls is a passé, instead, try mounted storage baskets. You can try this cool way of storing your important stuff in these chic, hanging baskets.
Other than that, mounted ceramic jars and bamboo storage bins are also back in vogue. And the brownie points for mounted goods is that they occupy less space.







Rainforest Italy                                                                                                                   02/08/2017


Make accessibility a priority

Keep the most important stuff at an arm’s distance by making accessibility a priority. Keep the daily-use goods your wood tables like weekly magazines, writing pads, newspapers, and books all together in wire baskets or woven baskets. This way they occupy less space and look pleasantly organized.

Also, you can easily buy bookcase online with open shelves, in which office supply items can be smoothly accessed. By making accessibility a priority, you can easily achieve the goal of cleaner living space.

Book Shelf
Book Display Unit

Rainforest Italy                                                                                                                   02/08/2017


Dig-in with DIY!

The last but not the least trick to declutter your stuff is through DIY ideas. Innovate and recreate ideas using your art and craft skills.
For instance, instead of using designer fridge magnets, paste your young ones’ drawings over the refrigerator’s door.
You can even try a new way of storing documents and notices onto the mounted cardboards by pinning them, instead of keeping them on the side tables.


Rainforest Italy                                                                                                                   02/08/2017


Decorate Your Home With Black & White

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Every home decor enthusiast craves to bejeweling their humble abode with the theme of black and white. This monochromatic theme accentuates and uplifts your modern house and if we put it in simple words make your house look ridiculously fab!!

Follow our step-by-step pointers to decorate your home with Black & White:

Woo your visitors with white spotless walls

The most effective way to decorate your home with the classy Black and White theme is to paint all the walls white. Though white comes in various shades of snow white, off white, linen, vanilla, ivory, cream and so on, each of them varies in saturation and intensity.

You can choose the white that suits your personal preferences, but always consider the construct of the house as well. For instance, if your house is well ventilated and a good amount of sunlight enters the rooms, then choose cooler shades of white. While for creating a closed, warm and cosy feel in your room use warmers shades of white.

Let's celebrate! Today is

RAINFOREST ITALY                                                                                                           31/07/2017


Furniture with Black & White accents


Accent Chair



Choosing the right hue of furniture in your monochromatic themed house is
an important factor.

When you use cool shades like snow white, and eggshell into your rooms, always pair them with black striped furniture. You can also use the medieval and vintage furniture for carrying forward the theme of a Scandinavian or a French architectural home.

And if you want to create an ambience of an ultra modern house, pair the warm shades of white on the walls with the shade of jet black in pieces like leather tufted sofas and settees, lounge & accent designer chairs, and so on.

RAINFOREST ITALY                                                                                                           31/07/2017


Absorbing white kitchenware

Bar Unit

Take forward your love for black and white your culinary as well. Bring home a new range of kitchenware in this monochromatic duo. You can bring home utensils, ovens, stove in a Teflon coated black kitchenware. Further, you can pair it with culinary items like plates, forks, spoons, and so on in a white shade.

Reinstating this interesting duo of black and white will make your kitchen look brilliantly well. One spends 25 per cent part of our day in preparing and eating our food, so don’t you think this 25 percent of the day should be spent indulging in radiant and bright living experience.

RAINFOREST ITALY                                                                                                           31/07/2017


Don’t forget your Outdoors


Outdoor chilling couch


While working on the black and white theme, one takes note of every nook and corner, and we refurbish every curtain, every vase and every rug in this contrasting duo. But what about our porch, and our balcony?

Take note of your flower pots, bench, lounge, hammock, and other little fittings that form part of the porch. For the flower pots, benches and wooden storage furniture, you can always paint them in black and white. But for the lounger and hammock, purchase them according to the theme of the house. Making an extra effort for home decor can never
go wrong, trust us.

RAINFOREST ITALY                                                                                                           31/07/2017



Is your kitchen the most sacred corner of your house? Do you think you give less attention to it than it deserves? And thus you want to make it more special? And not a mere need to survive your day.

We have for you 5 easy and adaptable ideas that will help you improve the most
sacred part of your house and thus reconstruct it in an artistic way. Here you go:

  • Extra Shelves, anyone?

The basic step to revamp your kitchen decor is through shelving. From using multi- tiered shelves to applying hidden shelves, you can work on a lot many additions to
organise the knick knacks of this area. The knick knacks like teapots, mugs, spices holder, trays, storage boxes, snacks, and other such things deserve a pretty way of
presentation, don’t you think?
Other than that you can cover these shelves with nice looking, stylish cabinets. One can always buy kitchen cabinets online as well as in brick and mortar stores.

Your wine storage compartment must be imbued with a personality, just like the quality and character of your wine.

Rainforest Italy                                                                                                                  22/07/2017.

While watching our favourite American sitcoms, we tend to notice this large and geometric wooden table lying right in front of the kitchen. And admit it, that we all ooze
over this pretty looking furniture. So why should we be double minded about bringing home this utility that is undoubtedly fashionable?
Bring home this unconventional dining table (preferably square-shaped) and enjoy the meals of your day with your friends and family, in the most fun and artistic way

Break away from monotonous trivia table designs and browse through this innovative, and fashionable furnishing.

Rainforest Italy                                                                                                                  22/07/2017.

Apart from chilling with your family on a dining table, you can also add a casual eclectic furniture into this dining zone. A bench. Benches are an uber casual way of introducing the amiable and artistic home decor aesthetics into your house. We believe that our home furniture must speak for our tastes and likes, and a wooden and cushioned bench thus definitely resonate a contemporary, casual aesthetic taste.

Bring home this stylish wooden table by Rainforest Italy which is crafted with reckless detail, genius design, and unmatched perfection.

Bring home this stylish wooden bench by Rainforest Italy which is crafted with reckless detail, genius design, and unmatched perfection.

Rainforest Italy                                                                                                                  22/07/2017.

Have you ever thought of sprinkling dang of quirkiness into your kitchen? Then we have an idea that will provide impetus to your quirkiness. Decorate the vacant shelves of your kitchen with your never ending book collection, apart from arranging and beautifying it with kitchenware. It will not only turn out to be colourful but also unique. Don’t you think?
So go ahead, and look for interesting kitchen shelf rack online.

Maxmore Shelf Rack is an ultra modern addition to your kitchen that comes with plenty of space to help you store all things of need, that can be carefully stacked inside this stylish cabinet

Rainforest Italy                                                                                                                  22/07/2017.

Murals? Aren’t murals better for the living room, you would ask? Our answer is that your kitchen deserves as much aesthetics, as your living room. So go ahead and dedicate that empty wall of your kitchen with your favourite Buddha painting or perhaps something inspired by culinary?
An artistic makeover to your kitchen is always a welcome step. Isn’t it?

Wall Murals

Rainforest Italy                                                                                                                  22/07/2017.