Decorate Your Home With Black & White

RAinforest italy

Every home decor enthusiast craves to bejeweling their humble abode with the theme of black and white. This monochromatic theme accentuates and uplifts your modern house and if we put it in simple words make your house look ridiculously fab!!

Follow our step-by-step pointers to decorate your home with Black & White:

Woo your visitors with white spotless walls

The most effective way to decorate your home with the classy Black and White theme is to paint all the walls white. Though white comes in various shades of snow white, off white, linen, vanilla, ivory, cream and so on, each of them varies in saturation and intensity.

You can choose the white that suits your personal preferences, but always consider the construct of the house as well. For instance, if your house is well ventilated and a good amount of sunlight enters the rooms, then choose cooler shades of white. While for creating a closed, warm and cosy feel in your room use warmers shades of white.

Let's celebrate! Today is

RAINFOREST ITALY                                                                                                           31/07/2017


Furniture with Black & White accents


Accent Chair



Choosing the right hue of furniture in your monochromatic themed house is
an important factor.

When you use cool shades like snow white, and eggshell into your rooms, always pair them with black striped furniture. You can also use the medieval and vintage furniture for carrying forward the theme of a Scandinavian or a French architectural home.

And if you want to create an ambience of an ultra modern house, pair the warm shades of white on the walls with the shade of jet black in pieces like leather tufted sofas and settees, lounge & accent designer chairs, and so on.

RAINFOREST ITALY                                                                                                           31/07/2017


Absorbing white kitchenware

Bar Unit

Take forward your love for black and white your culinary as well. Bring home a new range of kitchenware in this monochromatic duo. You can bring home utensils, ovens, stove in a Teflon coated black kitchenware. Further, you can pair it with culinary items like plates, forks, spoons, and so on in a white shade.

Reinstating this interesting duo of black and white will make your kitchen look brilliantly well. One spends 25 per cent part of our day in preparing and eating our food, so don’t you think this 25 percent of the day should be spent indulging in radiant and bright living experience.

RAINFOREST ITALY                                                                                                           31/07/2017


Don’t forget your Outdoors


Outdoor chilling couch


While working on the black and white theme, one takes note of every nook and corner, and we refurbish every curtain, every vase and every rug in this contrasting duo. But what about our porch, and our balcony?

Take note of your flower pots, bench, lounge, hammock, and other little fittings that form part of the porch. For the flower pots, benches and wooden storage furniture, you can always paint them in black and white. But for the lounger and hammock, purchase them according to the theme of the house. Making an extra effort for home decor can never
go wrong, trust us.

RAINFOREST ITALY                                                                                                           31/07/2017



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